the features


no registration

Using XLMwallet is super simple: all you need is a private key - no need to provide an username, password, email and so on...
If you don't have a wallet yet, you can generate a key pair and start using it right now!


lumens, assets, tokens support

XLMwallet supports lumens, assets and tokens and makes it easy for you to send nor receive em': you can send assets by simply selecting the asset of your choice is the asset's field - you can easily receive assets using our easy trust line creation's tool.

payment pages

We created a payment system called xlmwallet pay. It's goal is to simplify Lumens payments for both sellers and buyers. You can create a payment page directly from your wallet, in the "receive" page. Docs can be found here.


send lumens to email

Money could move like email: with XLMwallet, money CAN move to emails! You can send Lumens to any email address by entering the email address as the recipient of your payment! And guess what: you can even get refunded if the recipient doesn't claim the lumens!

open federation service

You can link your account to a's federated name, without counterparties. This can be done directly from the wallet - learn how to do this by clicking here. This allows users to send you lumens to yourname* instead of sending to a long and difficult public address.


merge operation

Have a lot of accounts with 1 XLM left on em'? Good news, with xlmwallet you can merge these accounts into your main account! Simply send an amount greater or equals your accoun'ts balance, and you will be prompted if you want to send everything instead, just click yes and you're done!



XLMwallet can be used on any device that can execute javascript code! It also has a Mobile mode, allowing it to be used as an app-like - you can read more about that by clicking here ("How do I use XLMwallet as an app-like?")


market values

We are using's tickers to display the Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) and Lumens (XLM) values so you can easily track these currencies BTC & USD price. Values are price, 24h volume, market cap, chart...


real time balance

Your balance is updated each time you send or receive Lumens - you can also see your balance USD's worth (you can choose which market to use for the USD rate in the settings).


community integration

We added links to Stellar related websites: boards, exchanges, social networks... you can now join the lovely stellar community in 1 click! XLMwallet also implement links to to easily track transactions.


address inspector

Thanks to the address inspector, you can easily track the balances of a public address - Lumens and tokens held by the public address will be displayed in 2 clicks. This can be used to ensure a buyer has the funds to pay you.

multiple accounts

You can manage an infinite amount of wallet with xlmwallet, without having to logout each time - accounts can be managed in the settings. (requires mobile mode to be enabled). Learn more about multiple accounts here.