the user or user stands for any person, software or anything else that can access and use xlmwallet.

the website or website or xlmwallet stands for the website provided at the address: https://*.xlmwallet.co/*, http://*.xlmwallet.co/*, https://www.xlmwallet.co, http://www.xlmwallet.co and any other xlmwallet's address or offered service - the * acts as a joker.


By browsing xlmwallet, the user has the duty to read the terms. Using the website implies acceptance of the XLMwallet's terms.


XLMwallet is provided as is. Although we are doing our best to provide a good product without bugs, the use of XLMwallet is at your own risk.

XLMwallet's owner is not responsible for any loss, injury, damage etc. that may happen through the use of the website - the user is the only responsible of what may happen through the use of XLMwallet.

It is forbidden to use XLMwallet to perform illegal things.

Work in progress

Terms are not finished, they can be updated at any time without warning - the user must check by itself the terms when browsing xlmwallet to check if the terms were changed.